Methylene Blue Slide Stain, 1% Aqueous Solution, 30ml or 100ml (#BZ0920-6)

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Methylene Blue 1% Aqueous Solution is considered a vital stain to have handy in the laboratory. Often used as a staining agent for human and animal cells for better viewing. Each bottle has safe handling and storage procedures printed directly on the bottle. This high quality chemical product is made in the USA. Available in a 30 ml dropper bottle or 100 ml screw top bottle.


  • Stains Human and Animal Cells Blue
  • Perfect for use in any microbiology lab, classroom, or homes school
  • Directions for safe storage printed directly on the package
  • Includes Safety Data Sheet
  • Made in America

For laboratory use only. Not for human consumption or topical application. Read SDS thoroughly and carefully before use.

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Methylene Blue Slide Stain

Our experiences with Benz Microscope Optics have always been very positive. Great people to work with!


Very dark, use sparingly. Comes out in large drops

Evelyn A.
Unable to remove

I am unable to remove this stain from my toes. Can you kindly tell me what solution will do that. The stain seems permanent, I purchased this to treat a fungal condition but once I saw I could not remove it, I stopped using it.

Our chemicals are produced for educational microbiology purposes and not intended for use on humans or animals. We understand this item was recommended to you by a trusted professional, and we are very sorry for your predicament. Please read all warning labels and safety data sheets before using any chemical, in any application.

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