H&E Stain Kit, Hematoxylin (Ehrlichs) Eosin (BZ0921)

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Hematoxylin & Eosin Staining (H&E) is the most common staining technique used in histology and pathology diagnosis. Hematoxylin has a deep blue-purple color and stains nucleic acids. Eosin is pink and stains proteins, erythrocytes, cytoplasm and other tissue elements. In a typical tissue, nuclei are stained blue, whereas the cytoplasm and extracellular matrix have varying degrees of pink staining.

Ehrlichs Hemotoxylin can be used with both progressive and regressive protocols. It is naturally oxidized resulting in longer shelf life. Specific instructions vary, based on application, protocol, and personal preference. User Guidelines are included to aid in general understanding. Packaged in USA.

Kit includes:

  • 1 - 30ml bottle of Hematoxylin Ehrlichs Solution
  • 1 - 30ml bottle of Eosin Y in Alcoholic Solution 1%
  • 4 - 30ml botles Acid Alcohol 1%
  • SDS Sheets
  • User Guidelines

4 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
did not work-no bluing agent

It stain only red but blue staing (Hematoxylin) does not stain. missing bluing agent

We're sorry you didn't have a good experience! Several factors can affect the outcome of the final product. We hope you recorded you process so you can try again, making amendments as needed. Good luck!

Peter C.
Stain kit

Stain works well. Very fast delivery.

It works

It takes practice to figure out how to stain properly though :/
P.S: wish there was more acid alcohol, perhaps one big bottle

ed heussner
arrived on time

Appears excellent.

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