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Custom Classroom Marine Biology Prepared Slide Set/10 BZ9005

Custom Classroom Marine Biology, Set of 10 Prepared Slides (USA#BZ9005)

Benz Microscope

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Explore marine life with our exclusive Marine Biology Prepared Slide Set. These 10 high quality slide specimens are made in America on premium glass slides. They come packed in a sturdy, 2 piece slide box with a cork liner and printed index. Inside you'll find 8 core specimens for a well rounded study of water life. As a bonus, we've Included 2 additional slides of our choice that compliment the core study. That's 10 prepared slides total!

Core slides include:

  1. Foraminifera (amoeboid protists)
  2. Radiolarian ooze (skeletons of warm-water protozoa)
  3. Artemia: egg, larva, adult (brine shrimp)
  4. Placoid Fish Scales (sharks and rays)
  5. Ctenoid Fish Scales (salmon and carp)
  6. Cycloid Fish Scales (perch and sunfish)
  7. Rotifers (animalia)
  8. Anguillula Aceti (vinegar eel)


      2 Bonus Slides.

Product features

  • 10 Prepared specimens
  • High quality premium glass slides
  • Sturdy 2-piece slide storage box, plastic
  • Printed Index
  • Made in Michigan, USA

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