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Refill for Basic Owl Pellet Study Kit (#LA37) - Benz Microscope Optics Center

Individual Owl Pellets for Dissection and Study (L37-M)

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Owls eat by swooping down and swallowing an entire small animal. Because owls have weak stomach muscles and stomach acids, they regurgitate any undigested materials. These "owl pellets", often contain fur, feathers, skulls, bones, teeth, claws, beaks, insect exoskeletons, and other assorted items. Dissect and identify the prey remains to study the food web of an owl. Medium sized pellets are sterilized, individually wrapped foil, and packed in a zipper bag. 5 pellets per pack. You can use regular dissecting tools, or tweezers and other objects found around the house. LA37-M. 


  • Dissect an owl pellet and identify prey species
  • Study food chains and feeding habits of owls
  • Learn about animal skeletons
  • Owls eat by swooping down and swallowing an entire small animal

    Medium Pellets L37-M 

    • 1.25" to 1.5"
    • Pack of 5 individually wrapped in foil
    • Sealed in plastic zipper bag

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