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Reconditioned Used Microscopes

We offer used, refurbished microscopes with full warranties, for a wide variety of applications. Manufacturer makes and models will vary as they become available. Our Manufacturer Certified Repair Technician has 45 years of experience in microscope repair, system configuration, and sales. Used instruments go     through a comprehensive 6 step process before they are authorized for sale:
Total Mechanical Teardown
Total Optical Teardown
Cleaning, Inside and Out
Repair or Replace Broken Parts
Lubricate, Collimate, Parfocal, Parcenter

Pricing varies with brand, features, accessories, age and cosmetic appearance. We will not sell any used instrument that cannot be supported by our service department for at least 1 year. Please note that  bulbs and electronics, such as attached digital cameras, tablets, software, etc., are excluded from warranty.

Be sure to contact us if you're looking for something specific. If you're not really sure what you need, this is the place to get expert advice to find the perfect microscope for the job. From a simple stereo microscope for your hobby to a compound instrument for the clinic, or even a full set of the same model for the classroom, these great buys go quickly, and inventory changes every day. Be sure to call or check back often to find out what is currently available.