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Demoslide Tubes, Plastic (#LW2250, LW2253)

Demoslide Tubes, Plastic (#LW2250, LW2253)


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Made in the USA!

The unique Demoslide tube enables you to view live specimens without the mess. Start your cultures quickly under controlled conditions, then watch the progress of the colonies. Simply pour 5ml of culture*, pond water or fish tank filter water into the 4-1/4" specimen tube and cap it. Insert the tube in the stage adapter, place on the microscope, and view the specimens through the thinly compressed area at the tip of the tube, up to 200x. (User tip: Adult supervision required. After securely capping the tube, tie a string around the tube near the cap end and twirl several times. This will create a centrifuge effect and force the organisms into the viewing tip of the specimen tube.)

  • Samples could last up to a week depending on types of organisms and storage conditions.
  • Made in America
  • Durable, Safe, Plastic
  • WARNING: Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children.

*Detailed instructions are not included. If using culture media follow manufacturer directions.

Starter Kit (LW2253)

  • Includes 2 Demoslide Tubes with caps
  • 1 Demoslide Stage Adapter

    Pack of 4 Demoslides with Caps (LW2250/4)

    • Includes 4 Demoslide Tubes with Caps

    Pack of 12 Demoslides with Caps (LW2250/12)

    • Includes 12 Demoslide Tubes with Caps

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