Pyrex 250mL Filtering Flask, Very Good Vintage Condition (#5340)

$6.99 USD

Authentic, vintage Pyrex, heavy wall filtering flask. Stamped with a circle containing  "250-ML, TM REG, PYREX, U.S.PAT.OFF", and a frosted white marking spot. Very good condition with no chips on the neck, no major scratching, and no writing or markings. Glass is clear.

Filtering flasks are shaped like Erlenmeyer flasks, but with an additional side tube near the top. Used with a ceramic funnel (Buchner) at the neck and a vacuum pump attached to the side tube in the flask. The material to be filtered is added to the Buchner funnel fitted with filter paper. The vacuum attached to the side tube creates pressure in the flask and the liquid is drawn through the filter into the flask.

This glassware is from a school that liquidated before moving locations. We cannot confirm if they are new but old stock, or used in very good condition. Therefore, they are being sold as used. Please contact us with any questions.

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