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Hand Microtome, Slides, Cover Slips

Simple Hand Microtome Set (6399S)

Benz Microscope

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This economy microtome by Shinco is for introductory biology and histology work. Slice micro thin sections from your specimen to create your own prepared microscope slides. The microtome consists of a fine threaded piston which screws into a stage for sectioning. The advancing of the piston is uncalibrated, but simple to do with a slight twist. The knurled head at the bottom of the instrument moves the piston up or down the central tube when rotated. The specimen is fixed on the flat top of the piston and sections are cut by drawing a razor over the upper flat surface of the instrument. 

  • Microtome measures 55mm (height) x 20mm (width) 50mm (diameter of base)
  • Suitable for slicing micro thin sections from 0.01mm (10 microns) to 10mm
  • Single Edge Razor Blade
  • Box of 72 Pre-cleaned glass slides, 3" x 1"
  • 1 oz. box of 18 mm glass cover slips

(Wax or other medium for securing specimen in the tube may be desired, but is not included.)

For laboratory use only. Ages 13+ with adult supervision. Keep out of reach of children.

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  • where are the instructions?

    Methods for cutting specimens and preparing slides vary widely with material and personal preference. This kit provides the basic needs to get started, and assumes that the preparer will have a general knowledge of the procedure through research. There is a great deal of free information available on the internet through universities, biology web sites, and YouTube videos, that you will find very helpful. We found great success with the following searches: "how to use a hand microtome" and "how to prepare microscope slides". Discovery is part of the fun and the greater learning experience. Good luck!

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