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Entomology: Insect Pins, Standard Black Coated, Pk 100, Sizes 1 - 4

Hamilton Bell

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Size Chart

Hamilton Bell-Asta Standard Steel Insect Pins

Made in England with flat heads and fine ground points. Protective black coating to prevent rust. Packed in a convenient plastic, reclosable box. 100 ct.

Size 1

  • 38mm Long x .40 mm Diameter
  • Hamilton Bell
  • 3251

Size 2

  • 38mm Long x .45 mm Diameter
  • Hamilton Bell
  • 3252

Size 3

  • 38 mm Long x .50 mm Diameter
  • Hamilton Bell
  • 3253

Size 4

  • 38 mm Long x .55 mm Diameter
  • Hardened and Tempered Black Steel
  • By Asta
  • 3254




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  • Hi, I need strong black steel pins like the ENTOMOLOGY: INSECT PINS > 4 (3254A). Can you tell me how strong they are? Can I hammer them into a wall without them bending? Thanks.

    Thank you for your inquiry! The pins you refer to are made of steel, but they are very thin. Their purpose is to be inserted into an insect, and therefore, I don't believe they would be substantial enough to go into a wall. Please visit us again, and let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Good luck to you!