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Distillation Apparatus Set, 1500ml, 9 pcs (#USD1500)

Distillation Apparatus Set, 1500ml, 9 pcs (#USD1500)

American Scientific

  • $239.00

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This set can be used for batch production of high purity water, manufacture perfumes, concentrate acids, phenol, fractional distillation, determination of boiling point, etc. This general purpose apparatus is a complete set and includes a round bottom 1500ml borosilicate flask, 300mm Graham type coil condenser with Stop Joint: 24/40, 500ml receiving flask, two clamps, cast iron base 8" x 5" (200 x 125mm) with plated steel rod that can be unscrewed from the base for storage. Base has a chemical-resistant, caked enamel finish. Packaged in custom cut-out soft foam block packaging and sturdy box to keep it safe during delivery and storage! Includes glass and hardware!

Product features

  • 1500ml Round Bottom Flask
  • 300mm Graham Condenser with Stop Joint, 24/40
  • 500ml Erlenmyer Receiving Flask
  • 2 Right Angle Clamps and 2 Extension Clamps
  • 8" x 5" Cast Iron Stand with Steel Rod

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