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Growing Bacteria Science Kit (BZ5100)

Benz Microscope Optics Center

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Microscopy is more than looking through a microscope. With this kit you will learn how to grow simple organisms (bacteria) and how to view your specimens under the microscope. This is just one of many activities in The World of the Microscope book, "A Practical Introduction with Projects and Activities". Learn how to sterilize your supplies, make agar, collect samples and grow bacterial colonies. 

The book in this set is currently out of stock. The anticipated ship date from the publisher is on or before February 15, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • The World of the Microscope 48 page full color book for ages 10 and up
  • 20 Plastic Petri Dishes, 50 mm Diameter
  • 8 g Nutrient Agar Powder*
  • 100 Cotton Tipped Applicators
  • Safety-Lok Steel Scalpel with #22 Blade

*To make the Nutrient Agar, mix 2 g powder with 100 ml distilled or deionized water. Bring to a boil while stirring to ensure agar is completely dissolved. Carefully pour hot agar into each petri dish, covering the bottom. Cover with petri dish lid immediately to prevent conamination.

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