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Test Papers: PH Litmus Paper - Wide Range 1-14, Vial of 100 Strips #1952

Benz Microscope Optics Center, Inc.

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Can be used with any item that will moisten the strip.
Testing instructions:
1. Place a new test strip on a flat surface.
2. Place a few drops of the test liquid onto the strip.
3. Check results with the enclosed chart.
* Do not touch the test area - it will contaminate your results.
  • Wide Range PH Paper Test Strips
  • 100 Strips in Plastic, Reclosable Vial
  • Color Comparison Chart Included
NOTE: If you are using these strips to test urine samples: Healthy urine / saliva have a ph of 5-7 and will not show dramatic results on the orange strips, as the colors for these levels are in the orange range. (Strips are light orange)

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