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Apologia Biology II - The Human Body (USA#AP9011)

Apologia Biology II - The Human Body (USA#AP9011)

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The Human Body: AP Biology Set II

These high quality slides are made in the USA using human specimens, not general mammalian, for this advanced biology curriculum. Our exclusive set includes: (1) Blood Smear, (2) Cheek (Epithelium) Smear, (3) Striated (Voluntary) Muscle, (4) Cardiac (Heart) Muscle, (5) Cerebrum (Brain), (6) Tonsil (w/Lymph Node), (7) Lung, (8) Skin, (9) Skin (Scalp) w/Hair, (10) Stomach, (11) Bone (Marrow) Decalcified, (12) Testis, (13) Salivary (Parotid) Gland, (14) Sperm Smear, (15) Bone (Ground) Tissue, and (16) Liver. 

  • Use with Apologia AP Advanced Biology Curriculum, The Human Body
  • Set of 16 Human Specimen Prepared Slides
  • Quality Specimens Made in America
  • Cork Lined, Hard Plastic Case

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