The Skope Compound Microscope by Science Kit, Reconditioned

$150 USD

This refurbished monocular compound microscope is a great beginner instrument or hobby microscope. If you're teaching biology at home, supplementing your school's curriculum, or just love to discover the wonder of blood cells, pond water, insect wings - and so much more - this scope is you you. Free shipping.

  • Rotating Head so that 2 people can use the instrument with ease.
  • 10x Monocular Eyepiece with built-in pointer
  • 4x/10x/40x Objectives on click-stop turret
  • Spring Stage Clips
  • Disc Diaphragm Condenser for light control
  • Separate Course and Fine Adjustment Knobs
  • 5 Watt Fluorescent Illumination for long bulb life
  • On/Off Rocker Switch on Base
  • Metal Construction
  • Includes Warranty

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