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Acculab AC Adapter 110 - 120 v (#AC-1)


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This 120V AC power adapter from Acculab is for the following Acculab models: Vicon, Econ, SVI, and ALC digital scales. Tha AC-1 features a right angle barrel on a 72"/6' long cord. Center barrel is negative polarity and outer barrel is positive. The plug housing will extend 1-7/16" from the outlet and measures 2" long. UL/CSA approved.  Output is 15V at 100mA.

Works with Acculab Vicon, Econ, SVI, and ALC digital scales.

History: Sartorius discontinued the Acculab brand and replaced the Acculabl AC-1 with Sartorrius' own part number, 6971989, which sold for $68 in 2017.

This adapter WILL NOT WORK with all other models such as the ALT, VA and older Acculab products. Though this item is new and never used, it is discontinued and does not qualify for ANY returns or refunds.

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  • Will this adapter work with Acculab VI-3mg

    Thank you for visiting! This item works with Acculab Vicon, Econ, SVI, and ALC digital scales. We don't have the resources to confirm if it will work with the model you're inquiring about. Perhaps you could find verification by researching part numbers for that model? The Acculab #AC-1 was replaced Sartorrius' own part# 6971989. We hope you'll find this somewhat helpful. Good luck!