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Kleensite Optical Lens Wipes (20122, 20123)


  • $2.99 USD

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Kleensite Optical Lens Wipes. Soft, dust free tissues that will not scratch glass. Gently removes dirt and dust from microscope, telescope, and camera lenses, eyeglasses, cell phones and more. Maintains strength when wet and pairs well with liquid lens cleaners. Always follow lens manufacturer instructions before attempting to clean. Made in USA.

 Item No. Size Sheets Price/Book Pack/10
20122 6" x  8" 100 3.99 27.99
20123 4" x 6" 50 2.99 20.99



  • Soft, Dust Free, Made in USA
  • Special High Wet Strength
  • Will Not Scratch Glass
  • Ideal For Use With Liquid Cleaners
  • Book Bound, Disposable

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  • ficha tecnica

    ficha tecnica / data sheet: Assuming you are requesting a data sheet for this item, we can tell you that that a data sheet doesn't apply to this product. It is simply paper, manufacturered in a way so as not to scratch optics. Hopefully, you will find that helpful.

  • hellow, I need the technical sheet of the product or where can I find it thank you very much

    Hello, thank you for visiting! The manufacturer does not provide a data sheet for this item, as it is simply paper. They manufacture it in a way so as not to scratch optics, but there are no chemicals or cleaners in the lens paper that would require a data sheet. Hopefully, you will find this helpful.