Benz Microscope Basic Glass Slide Making Kit, 20 pieces (#BZK2010)

Sale price
$15.99 USD
List price
$23.34 USD

Our exclusive kit includes everything you'll need to prepare simple wet and dry mount microscope slides. Enjoy the savings and convenience of having all your supplies in one place. At a price of $17.50, you'll save 25% off regular retail prices, with a total value of $23.34! Ideal for ages 10 and up. Always use adult supervision.


  •  6 Plain Glass Slides 
  •  6 Frosted Glass Slides
  •  2 Single Well Depression (Concave) Slides
  • 100 Cover Glasses
  • Glass Dropper 
  • Stainless Steel Forceps
  • Mounting Instructions
  • Slide Storage Box (color may vary)
  • 2 Prepared Slides (Specimens and manufacturers will vary. $9.00 minimum value.)


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