Objective Lens Case (#OB04IMP)

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Plastic storage cases for microscope objective lenses. Each cap is specially threaded to accommodate RMS (Royal Microscope Society) standard objectives. (Objective lens shown in photo is not included.)  


  • 19.9 mm (0.8") ID Diameter Thread in Cap (Where objective lens screws into)
  • 27 mm ID Diameter Plastic Case (Clear bottom portion)
  • 60 mm H Top to Bottom
  • Organized, Dust Free Storage for STANDARD 19.9 mm Objective Lenses
  • Fits Most RMS Standard Objective Brands
  • Available in Packs of 4 and Packs of 20
These storage bottles are have been used to ship objectives to the U.S., but have not entered the consumer market. They are clean and proven to hold RMS objectives effectively. Most have predominate scratches or scrapes from bulk transport, however they are fully functional and in very good condition without cracks or chips, to protect and store your objectives.
This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a discounted price, as well as knowing that you're doing your part to recycle and reuse, keeping these plastics out of a landfill.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Norman J.

Very happy with this Thanks

Norman H.

Worked good (like always -- repeat order).

,Daniel J. Zeman
Clean object lens case

Exactly what I needed for my microscope object lenses.


What more could you possibly want? You screw the objectives into the cap and screw the jar closed. Perfect product. I have a Celestron 44108 professional microscope and the objectives have standard threads like all others I have used.

keeps objectives safe

Our lab has had tons of objectives just kinda lying around and i was getting worried about them. Now all of the nice ones are safe in lens cases. problem solved

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