pH Indicator Solution Set with 3 Regents and Universal Chart (#BZ0003)

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pH Indicator Solution Set

This kit contains 30mL of the three most common chemical reagents used in determining pH. Phenolpthalein will indicate a pH if it is between the ranges of pH 10.0-13.0. Bromothymol Blue will turn yellow below a pH 6.0, and blue above a pH 7.6. Universal indicator has a wider range, capable of indicating a pH 1-14, but the color shift can sometimes be harder to differentiate between. Includes SDS sheets. BZ2503 ph

  • Phenolphthalein, 1% Alcohol Solution
  • Universal pH Indicator
  • Bromothymol Blue, 0.04% Aqueous Solution
  • Convenient 30ml Dropper Bottles with Screw Caps
  • Full Color Universal Indicator pH Test Chart
  • SDS Sheet for each Reagent
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jorgie123 o.
georgie olish

I think your service is very good, and I would recommend you to other people, I think Terry Benz your are excellent customer service person, and I can wait for my order. thank you

Michelle Castle
Five Stars

was for a chemistry science fair project. worked well for our purposes

Jon V
Five Stars

Great help for my daughter's experiment.

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