Slide Stain: EZPrep Capsule with Glass Regent Bottle (#AC4064M)

$15.99 USD
Stain:Congo Red

Make your own slide stain using Aldon's EZPrep capsule and 100 ml of deionized water. Simply measure warm water into the glass media bottle, add the EZPrep capsule and swirl until dissolved. Refill capsules sold separately. No shipping restrictions apply. For laboratory use only. Keep out of reach of children.


  • EZPrep Capsule (Yields 100 mL Solution)
  • 100 mL Borosilic Glass Media Bottle with Screw Cap
  • SDS Sheet

Choose from:

  • CONGO RED - Used in histology to stain tissues for microscopic examination. It also serves as an acid-base indicator, since it turns red in the presence of alkalies and blue when exposed to acids. IS4064
  • CRYSTAL VIOLET -  "A triarylmethane dye used as a histological stain and in Gram's method of classifying bacteria. (Also known as gentian violet and methyl violet 10B or hexamethyl pararosaniline chloride) IS4055
  • METHYLENE BLUE- "Methylene blue is used to stain animal cells, such as human cheek cells, to make their nuclei more observable. Also used to stain the blood film and used in cytology." IS4050
  • SAFRANIN O-  "A biological stain used in histology and cytology. It is used as a counterstain in some staining protocols, colouring all cell nuclei red. This is the classic counterstain in both Gram stains, and endospore staining. It can also be used for the detection of cartilage, mucin and mast cell granules. (Also known as Safranin or basic red 2)" IS4046

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