Canada Balsam Synthetic Mounting Medium 25ml/0.85oz (#AC0020)

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Synthetic Canada balsam is used like natural balsam, but at a fraction of the cost. It's an effective, economical, medium used for preparing permanent microscope slide specimens.  


  • Terpene Resins dissolved in Xylene.
  • For permanent preparations.
  • Less drying time than natural Balsam.
  • Basic instructions included.

To make a permanent slide mount, place the specimen on the slide near the center. Add a drop or two of mounting medium on the specimen. Using forceps, if desired, place the edge of a coverslip on the slide and slowly lower it over the specimen to push out the air. You may need to smooth out any mounting medium that has seeped around the outside of the cover slip with the edge of a piece of bibulous paper or a small paint brush. Allow to dry for a day. The thicker the mounting medium, the longer it will take to dry.

For laboratory use only. Read all labels and SDS sheet before using. Keep out of reach of children.  **PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the viscosity of the balsam, it is offered in a wide mouth 60ml jar for ease of use. The jar will appear to be more than half empty, but does contain 25ml of balsam, as specified.** 

DOT Info: Small quantity exemption 173.4. 

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Boris B
Excellent product

Arrived as advertised, packed very securely. Very pleased with the purchase

Thank you very much for the positive review! We're happy we met your expectations, and we hope you visit us again. Have a great day!

Refractory Index?

I'm wondering what the refractive Index for this synthetic product is vs. the real thing?

Canada Balsam is 1.55.

Thank you very much for the positive review! The refractive index for our synthetic Canada balsm is 1.54, but in general it can range from 1.52 to 1.54. Very close to natural Canada Balsam, as you stated, at 1.55. We hope you enjoy working with it!

Steven Hurd

Excellent, would buy again.

Armin Namayandeh
Canada Balsam

Great Service. Definitely will buy from Benz Microscope Optics again.

Larry T.
Great service!

Very good price.

Thank you very much for the positive review! We appreciate your business and hope you will let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Good luck with your students!

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