Clear Media Bottle, Graduated with Screw Top Cap, Borosilicate Glass, 100 mL (VGM-100)

$7.99 USD

Vee Gee brand media bottles are commonly used to contain laboratory chemicals in liquid or powder form. They're perfect for hydrating our EZ Prep slide stain capsules using dionized water. Made from borosilicate glass in compliance with ASTM 438 Type 1. Available in clear or Amber (low actinic) for light sensitive chemical compounds. The bottles, including the threaded GL45 Blue plastic caps and pouring Rings, are autoclavable. Bottles measure 100 mm high x 50 mm wide x 50 mm long.


  • ASTM 438 type 1 clear borosilicate glass
  • Threaded blue Gl45 caps and pouring rings
  • Autoclavable
  • Large white marking area for sample labeling
  • Graduated 20 - 80 ml in 20ml increments 
  • Made in Inidia

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