Petri Dishes, 35mm x 10mm, Clear Polystyrene (#L331)

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$5.49 USD
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$5.99 USD
Quantity:1 Pack/10 Count

Made of polystyrene, these economical, clear, petri dishes are sterilized and sealed in sleeves of 10. Very sturdy and easily stackable with a raised edge on the lid. Lids are a little wider than the base and fit loosely, which is standard for scientific use. Perfect for home school and science fair projects, mad scientist birthdays, crafts, organizing small items, and more! Sterile, disposable. Available in single sleeves of 10 dishes or a pack of 10 sleeves for 100 ct.


  • 35mm Diameter x 10m Deep
  • Crystal Clear Polystyrene
  • Sterile
  • Sleeve of 10 Dishes
  • Available in single packs of 10, or bundles of 10 packs (100 dishes total)

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