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Insect Collecting Jar, 9 oz Glass, Uncharged (#1121AR, BZ0068)


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Using a cartridge to contain the killing agent was an original BioQuip concept in 1959. 

Put down insects the proper way with the BioQuip glass bug collecting jar. Each jar has a white metal cap and a layer of porous plaster poured on the jar bottom. This is the preferred collection method for beginning entomologists or young collectors. The screw top lid features a "Poison" label for safety and identification. Available with or without Ethyl Acetate, a commonly used dispatching agent. Each jar of ethyl acetate includes and information sheet regarding it's use in entomology.

How it works: A layer of porous, hard plaster at the bottom of the jar absorbs the killing agent and permits fumes into the jar. To prepare for use, pour about 1 oz. of ethyl acetate into jars, screw on lid and wait until plaster is fully saturated. Then, pour any liquid remaining on the surface back into the container of ethyl acetate. Recharge jars as needed.

Jar dimensions: 2-3/4" Diameter x 3-7/16' High

Click Here for Plaster Cartridge SDS

Click Here for Ethyl Acetate SDS


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