Insect Pinning Set, 5 pc with Guide, Pins, Forceps and Block (#BZ3201)

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$18.89 USD
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$20.99 USD

Insect Pinning Set includes the basic instruments needed to begin your pinned insect collection. Our Simple Start Guide contains information on types of insects, how to collect them, helpful tools and equipment to purchase or make, how to use a pinning block, and general information about entomology. 

This 5 piece kit includes our 10 page booklet, Collecting Insects: A Simple Start Guide, a solid wood 3-step pinning block, stainless steel insect pinning forceps and butterfly forceps, and a vial of 50 steel insect pins.

  • Convenient Set Contains the Tools Needed for Insect Pinning  
  • Collecting Insects: A Simple Start Guide with Space for Notes and Observations
  • BioQuip Stainless Steel Pinning Forceps with Guide Pin
  • BioQuip Stainless Steel Butterfly Forceps
  • 50 High Quality Steel Insect Pins in Reusable Vial*
  • 3-Step Wood Pinning Block
  • Educational, Outdoor fun for the whole family!

*Style and manufacturer of pin may vary with availability, including but not limited to: Stainless steel, black enameled, flat head, nylon head, size #2, #3 or #4.  

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