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H&E Stain Kit, Hematoxylin (Ehrlichs) Eosin (BZ0921)


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Hematoxylin & Eosin Staining (H&E) is the most common staining technique used in histology and pathology diagnosis. Hematoxylin has a deep blue-purple color and stains nucleic acids. Eosin is pink and stains proteins, erythrocytes, cytoplasm and other tissue elements. In a typical tissue, nuclei are stained blue, whereas the cytoplasm and extracellular matrix have varying degrees of pink staining.

Ehrlichs Hemotoxylin can be used with both progressive and regressive protocols. It is naturally oxidized resulting in longer shelf life. Specific instructions vary, based on application, protocol, and personal preference. User Guidelines are included to aid in general understanding. Packaged in USA.

Kit includes:

  • 1 - 30ml bottle of Hematoxylin Ehrlichs Solution
  • 1 - 30ml bottle of Eosin Y in Alcoholic Solution 1%
  • 4 - 30ml botles Acid Alcohol 1%
  • SDS Sheets
  • User Guidelines

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  • This is my first purchase of an H & E staining kit. Please give me a detailed protocol to use the kit.

    Thank you for your purchase, XiaoJing, we appreicate your business!Protocols vary with the specimen being stained and the general practices and preferences of the lab you're in. I have sent you a copy of the User Guidelines designed to explain what each componant does and to assist you in finding specific information. Also included are 4 great web sites that contain information on their staining methods, as well as common phrases that you may search if you run into problems. We're confident that this will help get you started.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. We would love to hear about what you do or share in your progess! Join us on for special offers and fun information.

  • hi could you also send me the information you provided XiaoJing on the H&E stain protocol? thanks

    Thank you for purchasing our H&E Stain Kit! We would be happy to provide the protol for you. We hope to have this information available on our web site, soon, but for now please email so that I can send it to you.