Hand Microtome, Calibrated with Retractable Utility Knife (#6400)

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$62 USD
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$90 USD

This handheld microtome is for introductory biology and histology work. Suitable for slicing micro thin sections up to 10 microns. A threaded piston screws into the stage to advance the specimen. The dial at the bottom of the instrument moves the piston up or down the central tube when rotated. The dial is calibrated and aligns with a guide mark to measure graduations. A thumb-screw at the side of the tube controls an arm that tightens against the specimen for extra stabilization.* Sections are cut by drawing a knife over the flat, glass surface of the instrument. Includes a a tempered steel razor knife and operating instructions. (*Very small or soft specimens may require the added support of parafin wax.) MCT001

  • Slice thin sections up to 10 microns
  • Calibrated advancement
  • Specimen stabilizer arm
  • Glass cutting surface
  • Tempered steel razor knife
  • Instructions

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