Thermometers, Total Immersion, White Back (#T200, T202, T208,)

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$2.49 USD
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$3.40 USD
Range:-10 to 110C (T200)

Used to measure temperatures of liquid and gasses, total immersion thermometers are designed with scales which indicate actual temperature when the bulb and the entire liquid column are exposed to the temperature being measured. In practice, a short length of liquid column (usually one-half inch) is permitted to extend above the surface of the liquid being measured to allow reading of the thermometer.

Most total immersion thermometers can also be used in a condition of complete immersion, wherein the entire thermometer is exposed to the temperature being measured, as with a thermometer inside a freezer. Made in China.

  • Total Immersion
  • Glass, 320mm Long
  • Non-Toxic Red Liquid Filled
  • White Back
  • Brown Graduation Marks
  • Anit-Roll Device
  • Packed in Protective Plastic Sleeve


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