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LiveSlide® Viewing Slides and Cover Slips for Live Microorganisms (#LS01)

Living Slides

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Designed by a science teacher for educators and made in America. The LiveSlide® is proving to have additional applications in the world of science and microscopy including biological labs, research labs, medical labs and environmental testing. Never before has it been so easy to view microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and protists.

Video: Tardigrade (also known as water bear) 400x

LiveSlide® Microscope Slide Features and Benefits:

  • Uniform depth of large viewing well is 0.23mm and perfect for maintaining a shallow depth of field
  • Innovative configuration has partitions to keep specimens in the viewing area allowing for easy tracking
  • Optically clear slide made of Makrolon® polycarbonate making it durable and reusable
  • Excellent impact resistance for safe use both indoors and outdoors
  • Can be used as a traditional slide providing for dual-purpose use
  • Can be used with traditional and digital microscopes offering versatility
  • Each set includes 1 viewing slide with 2 reusable coverslips made of Makrofol® (1 of each: 0.013mm and 0.025mm)
  • 100% made in the USA

How to use the LiveSlide® and umask the unseen

Using the LiveSlide® is easy. Simply follow these directions:

  1. A LiveSlide® set contains 3 pieces, the base slide and a set of coverslips, all of which are reusable.
  2. The 2 coverslips are different thicknesses. One is very thin, perfect for high magnification. The second is a bit thicker for all applications.
  3. The coverslips have a thin plastic film on both sides for protection - clear and green. Remove the films by peeling the films off or use a small piece of tape on the corner. Discard films.
  4. Gather your collected specimens.
  5. Place the desired number of specimen droplets in the wells on the base slide.
  6. Gently place the coverslip over the culture well.
  7. Placethe Liveslide® on a microscope stage or under a digital microscope and enjoy exploring the magnified world.
 “Having worked with all types of live specimen slides over the past 20 years, I’ve seen the development of some pretty impressive innovations. The LiveSlide® is one of the best I’ve used. Unlike dimple slides and other conventional well slides, the LiveSlide® offers exceptional clarity. Because of the shallow 0.23mm depth and the 0.005″ (0.013mm) and 0.010 (0.025mm) thick cover slips, observations at 400X are extremely detailed.

The Makrolon® slide and coverslips remain scratch free even after repeated use and cleaning. The partitioned well plate of the LiveSlide® makes both positioning and specimen tracking effortless. I can truly say that by using the LiveSlide®, I have seen and made observations with zooplankton that I have never seen before.”

Alex Diaz

Director of Production, Swift Optical / National Optical

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  • The original LiveSlide website offers replacement covers - it would be great if you did too. I find that the plastic slides survive really well, but the cover sheets get scratched, and it's very difficult to get them back to the original clear state. I ask because I really love using these slides, but get frustrated when I can't get clear focused photos.

    We love the LiveSlide, too, what a great idea! We will get the cover slips in stock as soon as possible and let you know when they're available. Thank you for taking the time time to reach out!