Magnetic Octagon Stir Bar with Pivot Ring and PTFE Coating (#US012, US015)

$9.59 USD
Size:40mm (US015)

Magnetic Stir Bar has an octagonal shape with a center pivot ring for improved performance. Constructed of a high quality magnet coated with PTFE*. 

*PTFE coatings, known by many as Teflon®, is a remarkable coating with a wide variety of applications. PTFE coatings have a primer coat and then a top coat, making it very resistant to corrosive chemicals, providing good insulation from electricity, won't absorb water, withstands extremes of heat and cold, resists UV rays, and creates little friction. 


  • High quality magnet coated with PTFE
  • Resistant to chemicals, heat and cold
  • Great for use in biological and chemistry laboratories
  • Available in 40mm x 8mm and 25mm x 8mm sizes

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