Liquid Filled Map Compass, 48 mm Diameter (#95161)

$10.99 USD

This liquid filled map compass comes with instructions explaining the features of the compass, how to read a compass, how to follow a compass bearing, setting a return course, orienting your map and taking a compass bearing from a map. Perfect for scouts, schooling, camping, hiking, orienteering and more. The outer ring of this stable-needle compass can be rotated to set directions and for plotting. The clear back makes it ideal to be used for presentations with an overhead projector. Diameter: 1-7/8" (48mm). Comes with safety lanyard and instructions. Filled with 100% white mineral oil.


  • Black plastic azimuth ring rotates for setting and plotting
  • Clear plastic background is ideal to use with maps and overhead projectors
  • Background contains red direction arrow and lines
  • Magnetized needle painted red and white for visibiltiy
  • Instructions for use, reading, following, setting, orienting, and taking a compass bearing from a map


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