Economical Simple Hand Microtome with Single Edge Blade, Metal (#6399)

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This economically priced, hand held microtome is used to cut thin tissue sections to prepare slides for microscope viewing. It is a critical tool in the biology classroom as well as histology labs for introductory work.

The microtome consists of a fine threaded piston which screws into a stage for sectioning. The advancing of the piston is uncalibrated. The knurled head at the bottom of the instrument moves the piston up or down the central tube when rotated. The specimen is fixed on the flat top of the piston and sections are cut by drawing the included blade over the upper flat surface of the instrument.

  • Microtome measures 2″ (50 mm) diameter of base x 2.25″ (57 mm) high
  • Suitable for slicing micro thin sections from 0.01mm (10 microns) to 10mm
  • Includes single edge blade for cutting
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Works fine: better than my larger and more expensive hand microtome

The advantage for me is the stability with little or no backlash when advancing the sample or making a cut, a serious problem with my larger and more expensive hand microtome. This one is very simple and well made. I did lap the top for smoothness - sharpening stones or a couple of grades of wet/dry sandpaper will

wayne estes
Smooth action

Mine was silver, so I liked that better than the picture. The well is about an eighth inch deep and almost half an inch in diameter. Very smooth screw. Also it came on the first day of the 6 day shipping window.

Needs some fine tuning before it can be used.

The top is not quite flat and also has burrs that would dull the razor blade. It needs to be flattened, smoothed, and deburred (using a sharpening stone or sandpaper on a flat base) before use. Once this is done, it is usable and inexpensive device.

Edward Diaz
Works great, and great price.

Works great. Used it with a carrot, and used it with wax. I am able to make thin slices. The wax method allows for the best and thinnest slice.

Randall J Hurd

This is a good theoretical microtome. As it's the only one available for noncommercial use, there could be a better designed one.

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