Ohaus Anti-Theft Device, Premium Lock Down Device (#LC-1)

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$62.86 USD
List price
$69.85 USD

Ohaus Anti-Theft Device, SP PA AV NV. Premium lock down device for all balance models. 3' (91 cm) plastic coated wire cable with Master lock and 2 keys.


  • 3' (91 cm) Wire Cable
  • Master Lock
  • 2 Keys
  • Compatible with all balance models
  • Secure with Kensington-type slot

Compatible Models: Electronic Balances EX124/AD, EX224/AD, EX324/AD, EX223/E, EX423/E, EX2202/E, EX4202/E, EX6202/E, EX6201/E, EX224N/AD, EX324N/AD, EX124, EX224, EX324, EX223, EX423, EX623, EX1103, EX2202, EX4202, EX6202, EX6201, EX10202, EX10201, Mechanical Scales: 1550-SD, 310-00, 311-00, 1450-SD, 1560-SD, TJ611, 730-00, 710-00, 750-S0, 720-S0, 720-00, 710-T0, 760-00, 1650-00, HJ2001, 1610-00, 1650-W0, TP2611, Electronic Balances: EX423N, EX1103N, EX4202N, EX10202N, EX10201N, EX224N, EX324N.

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