Plastic Test Tube Rack, Holds 40 Tubes or Pipettes up to 18mm diameter (#A8044)

$7.89 USD

Plastic Test Tube Rack is lightweight and easy to assemble. Features three tiers to securely hold 40 tubes up to 18mm wide. Perfect for use in the laboratory, the classroom, home school, or arts and crafts room. White side supports hold the cool blue transparent tiers and easily disassembles for storage. Measures 10.43 x 4.33 x 2.44 inches (26.5x11x6.2cm). P35609


  • Lightweight, plastic, 3-tier rack, securely hold 40 tubes, pipettes, etc.
  • Accommodates items up to 18mm diameter
  • Easily assembles and disassembles for storage
  • Measures 10.43 x 4.33 x 2.44 inches (26.5x11x6.2cm)

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