Premium Black Enameled Insect Pins Variety Pack, Sizes 000 through 4 (3245V)

$3.75 USD

Manufactured in the Czech Republic these pins are the most commonly used design for entomology. Our premium quality pins are manufactured from galvanized steel with 2 layers of black enamel to protect against corrosion, and have gold nylon heads for a professional look.

Available in sizes 000, 00, 0,1, 2, 3, and 4. The lower the number, the finer the pin for smaller insects. The higher the number, the sturdier the pin for larger insects.

Packaged in 2ml reusable, screw-top vials containing 50 pins each. These convenient plastic storage vials neatly contain your pins at the work bench or in your field pack, and can also be used to collect specimens of small insects, water, soil, sand, and more. 

  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Quality Galvanized Steel
  • Double Layer of Black Enamel 
  • Anti-rust Protection
  • Nylon Heads
  • Sizes 000 through 4
  • Choose the Value Pack for 1 vial of each size, 350 pins total.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Jared Kearns
    Good black pins, low quality heads.

    The pins themselves are lacquered nicely and sharp, but the heads are all different sizes and not as pretty as the more expensive brand. They are a dull bronze color and are inconsistent in shape and size, some are lumpy. The higher end pins have consistent heads made of clear resin with suspended bright gold particles.

    We appreciate your honest review! We will follow up with the manufacter in regard to the issue you're brining to our attention. Thanks, again, for letting us know. We hope you will visiti us again!

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