Colonized Algae Prepared Slide Set (USA#CA04)

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An exclusive collection of freshwater algae specimens that grow in colonies. Hand picked by a respected, local, research associate currently studying the Great Lakes. Prepared in Michigan on premium 3" x 1" glass slides with clipped corners. All four specimens are found in the Great Lakes and other freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, often with detrimental effects. Set includes one each:

  • Cladophora, wm, filamentous (#10130)
  • Eudorina, wm, colonial (#10175)
  • Gonium sp, wm, colonial (#10180)
  • Pediastrum, wm, colonial (#10600)
  • Informative Insert
  • Plastic Case

Enhance your study with our Freshwater Algae collection, available seperately.

Made in the USA.

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