Swift M3304DP Advanced Series Binocular Microscope, Reconditioned

$775 USD

Swift Instruments M3300D Advanced Series Microscope, refurbished. The M3304DP bincular model features their sigature 45° inclined body and 360° rotatable head for more comfortable viewing. Parfocality is maintained at interpupillary distances ranging from 53mm to 73mm. Dual eyepiece diopter adjustment assures maximun acuity, and the low position mechanical stage is close enough to the focus control to allow one-handed operation. A 4-objective turret on the reverse angle nosepiece contains all Swift ojbectives of high numerical aperture for maximum resolution: 4xD, P10xD (Phase), P40xRD and P100xRD (Phase Retractable). Swift's Quodmaster N.A. 1.25 condensor provides quick-change versatility, moving instantly from brightfield to darkfield to phase contrast, as the halogen illumination offers superb color teperature for photmicropraphy, or microphotography. Made in Japan. Free shipping.


 Cat No. M3304DP
Body Binocular
Din Objectives 4XD, P10XD, P40XRD, P100XRD, Flat Field Achromat
Eyepied W10XD 15.5mm
Condensor Quodmaster N.A. 1.25
Illuminator 6V-20W Halogen with Dimmer Switch
Replacement Bulb MA780
Original Mfr Sugg. List $1,848.00


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