Permanent Microscope Slide Making Kit with Bibulous Paper, 5pc Set (#AC0020K)

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$32.54 USD

Make your own permanent mount microscope slides with this convenient kit. Contains the supplies you will need to prepare slides that are meant to last. AC0020K

  • 25ml Mounting Medium, Canada Balsam Synthetic in Xylene
  • Premiere Microscope Slides, Plain, Box of 72
  • Bibulous Paper, 4" x 6", Book of 50 Sheets
  • Coverslips, Box of 100
  • Our own Super-Fine-Point Forceps
  • Instructions
  • SDS Sheet

**PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the viscosity of the balsam, it is offered in a wide mouth 60ml jar for ease of use. The jar will appear to be more than half empty, but does contain 25ml of balsam, as specified.** 

7 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mrs.Melanie Daniels
Permanent slide kit.

I used this to make some homemade slides for my summer camp. It is a little harder than I thought. The glue really sticks to fingers and everything if you get it on you. It is a learning process, but is fun. I would recommend this product. It is a great price for the whole set, compared to if you buy the items separately.

Doesn't dry quick!

I am undecided.... keep in mind I am very much an amateur so most of the fault is mine. However, made a slide, put weight on the top of it to keep air out, and the balsam still wasn't dry overnight. I took the weight off and now I have air bubbles all over my specimens. I'm wondering if there is better media to use.

Ed Schneider
Excellent product. It is being well used

Excellent product. It is being well used.

tom d fitzgerald
Very satisfied.

Precisely what I expected, performs as expected. Personally I prefer round cover glass slips to square ones for making permanent slides but no biggie. Very satisfied.

William Bitman
Good microscope slide set with balsam

Nice slide/balsam set.

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