Slide Stains: Bacteria Stains Kit, 5pk (#BB002-SET)

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$22.95 USD
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$34.65 USD

Now includes Bibulous Paper! Same price, same great stains, with added value!

Our slide stain kits are convenient sets of stains, buffers and regents for specific applications, taking the guess work out of deciding what types of chemicals to order. Packaged in easy-to-use dropper bottles for ease of application, includes 50 sheets of Bibulous Paper, basic instructions*, SDS sheets.

This kit include 5 simple stains for coloring bacteria cells blue, purple, or red. Stained bacteria will highlight differences and enhance cell components so that the bacterium can be identified. The purpose of simple staining is to quickly identify bacterial cells by shape (spherical, rod-shaped, or spiral/corkscrew), size, and arrangement (formation as they reproduce) using just 1 stain.


  • 30 ml Methylene Blue Loefflers Solution UN1170
  • 30 ml Methylene Blue Saturated 1% Alcohol Solution UN1987
  • 30 ml Crystal Violet 1% Alcohol Solution UN1170
  • 30 ml Carbol Fuchsin UN1992
  • 30 ml Carbol Rose Bengal UN2821
  • 50 Sheets of Bibulous Paper
  • Basic Instructions*
  • Safety Data Sheets for each

*Specimens vary widely and we suggest you research your application to choose the method that works best for you.

DOT Info: Small quantity exemption for land and rail transportation only. 

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