Motic Swift Line M17 Series Compound Microscopes

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Model:Binoc (M17B-P)
The M17 compound microscope series features infinity corrected plan optics and is ideal for college laboratories, veterinary and medical applications.  Available with a binocular or trinocular head, this research-level microscope also incorporates wide field 20mm eyepieces for a superbly crisp image.  
MA15602 video C-mount adapter is included with the M17T-P model only.
 Model Head Objectives Benz $ List $
M17B-P Binoc

40XD, 10XD, 40XRD, 100XRD Infinity Corrected Plan

1,072.55 1,129.00
M17T-P Trinoc 40XD, 10XD, 40XRD, 100XRD Infinity Corrected Plan 1,380.35 1,453.00
M17B-MP Binoc

4XD Inf. Plan, 10XD Inf. Phase,  40XRD Inf. Phase, 100XRD Inf. Plan

1,863.90 1,962.00
M18T-MP Trinoc 4XD Inf. Plan, 10XD Inf. Phase,   40XRD Inf. Phase, 100XRD Inf. Plan 2,264.10 2,278.00
  • Widefield 10x /20mm eyepieces
  • Binocular viewing head with 30° inclined eyepieces, with diopter and interpupillary adjustment 54mm to 76mm
  • M17B-P and M17T-P: Infinity corrected 4x (0.10 N.A.), 10x (0.25 N.A.), 40xR (0.65 N.A.) and 100xR oil immersion (1.25 N.A.) objectives.* 
  • M17B-MP and M17T-MP:  Infinity corrected Plan 4x (0.10 N.A.), Infinity Phase 10x (0.25 N.A.), Infinity Phase 40xR (0.65 N.A.) and Infinity Plan 100xR oil immersion (1.25 N.A.) objectives.*
  • *Only the 100xR objective is oil immersion. All lenses are parfocalled, parcentered and color-coded
  • Quad objective turret is ball-bearing mounted for smooth, precise positioning of objectives. Mounted in reverse position to facilitate ease in changing slides
  • 3W LED
  • Illumination on/off switch
  • 110V - 220V switching power supply, unit shipped with American plug
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls, coarse has tension adjustment, fine is graduated
  • Large 5-3/4 in. x 5-1/2 in. (142mm x 140mm) stage; built-in, low profile, ball-bearing mounted mechanical specimen holder with low-position coaxial controls
  • 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser has rack & pinion focusing and iris diaphragm
  • Base dimensions: 10-1/4 in. x 6-3/4 in. (261mm x 172mm)
  • Height: 14-1/2 in. (369mm). Net wt. 30.9 lbs (14.0 kgs)
  • Head and frame in molded styrofoam container with vinyl dustcover
  • Individual: Ship wt. 21 lbs, Dimensions 21x20x12 in, Dim wt. 37lb
  • Master carton pack 1 each

Ships directly from the manufacturer. 

Please contact us for current lead times.

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Excellent Benz Service for a Swift Microscope and Accessories

This week, I received my Swift M15T-P microscope and several accessories from Benz. The compound scope stage and mechanism are working smoothly for my purpose and the images from the slides are very crisp. However, be advised that the eyepieces extend upward and away from the body substantially, which is comfortable for viewing, but a challenge for storage in a hard-shell case or cabinet. I'm currently looking for an appropriate case to fit the M15.

Although the Swift scope appears to be a solid product early on, logging many more hours of usage will be required for me to provide a more qualified assessment of its dependability. My 5-star rating with this review is primarily a reflection of the excellent service from the staff at Benz.

After placing my order directly on the website, communication from their staff has been great from start to finish. Most impressively, the various components in my order were all securely and superbly packed for shipping (I would even say "lovingly"), more so than any of the many shipments I've received from other vendors or from over years past. The guys currently in their shipping department are top notch, and it's obvious the people at Benz care about their customer.

Order your science equipment from Benz. Their prices are good, and you'll be very pleased with their service and delivery.

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